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Do you enjoy to learn multiple foreign languages? Do you like to know about other cultures? If yes, you should consider a career in foreign languages or Interpreter and Translator



Foreign language experts with a good understanding of cultures are in great demand in the corporate world. If you learn a foreign language, you can work as an interpreter, Translator.

Interpreters convert speech in one language to another, while translators perform a similar function with written text.

Many multinational companies hire such professionals to overcome language barriers and facilitate smooth communication for proper business transactions.

What are the roles and responsibilities in Foreign Language?

  • Prepare the translation of foreign language into a native language for better understanding.
  • Read written materials, such as legal documents, scientific works, or news reports, and rewrite material into specified languages.
  • Accurate and succinct reproduction in the specified language.
  • Attending meetings or conferences.
  • Using technology where appropriate, such as microphones, headphones, telephones, video and the internet
  • Compile information on the content and context of information to be translated and on the intended audience.  
  • Proofread, edit, and revise translated materials.  
  • Check original texts or confer with authors to ensure that translations retain the content, meaning, and feeling of the original material.  
  • Discuss translation requirements with clients and determine any fees to be charged for services provided.  

What are the key skills required for Foreign Language?

  • Interpretation
  • Localization
  • Translation
  • Presentation skills

What are the career opportunities in Foreign Language?

  • Executive in secretarial
  • Transcriptor
  • Translator
  • Writer
  • Interpreter
  • foreign language Expert

What is the salary and demand for Foreign Language?

  • Demand is High for Foreign Language.
  • Salary levels are High for Foreign Language. For fresher average salary is more than 5 Lacs.
  • Fees levels of the course is Medium. To pursue this course student need to spend 3 to 4 Lakhs.
  • Level of preparation for Foreign Language is Medium. Students spend 1 Year. to prepare for entrance test of Foreign Language.

1 Fees
2 Demand
3 Salary
4 Level Of Preparation

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What education is required to study Foreign Language?

  • Student can do 12th any stream. Then complete BA Any foreign Language. Further you can Proceed with MA Any foreign Language.
  • Student can do 12th any stream. Then complete BA Any foreign Language. Further you can Proceed with Diploma/Certificate foreign Language.

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What are the best entrance exam for Foreign Language in India?

For Graduation

  • Junior Hindi Translator-JHT